• Punit Joshi

My Goals as Your Accountant

I spent a number of years working for accounting firms of various sizes - during a training session at a previous firm, we had a discussion about what makes a good accountant. We came to the conclusion that the following 12 traits/characteristics were indicative of good client service - it is my goal as your accountant here at A & P Accountancy Corporation to embody the following characteristics:

1. Be responsive

2. Ask good questions (and be prepared)

3. Be respectful of your time

4. Be proactive (bring in new ideas/alert client to new issues)

5. Stay in touch throughout the year

6. Be organized

7. Listen well

8. Be knowledgeable about the client's industry

9. Be knowledgeable of your organization and its culture

10. Keep client informed and avoid/prevent surprises

11. Be dependable/keep promises/meet deadlines

12. Be friendly - be easy to get along with

Please don't hesitate to reach out to me to discuss how I can better embody these characteristics when providing professional services for you, the client.

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